Molly models a Sheep Suits Sheep Cover by Rocky Sheep Company of Loveland, CO.


"They have been working great! I used two on a couple of NC Romney yearling rams so their fleeces would stay clean through the wet winter. John sheared them the second week of April and the fleeces are gorgeous! I have handspinners begging for them and they are doing extremely well at the fleece shows. The coats appear to breathe well while keeping the fleeces clean. What was great also was the durability. Yearling rams can be rather tough on coats but they came through with no tears. Really dirty, yes, but completely intact!"
John and Toni from Washington

"They're working like a dream. The Merinos and Cormo's wool is dirt and debris free! Next years fleeces will be magnificent! Compared to other sheep covers I've used, yours are sturdier, and I especially like the nylon webbing leg straps. Your service has been excellent! Thank you! "
Valerie from NJ

"Your coats are by far the best! They don't snag and the breast piece across the brisket doesn't seem to "bunch up" like some others, so it gives better coverage and protection there. They are well proportioned and give appropriate girth for the length. Something about the design also keeps them from stretching around the neck area and slipping back over the shoulders and exposing more fleece than they should - a problem with some other coats I have. I haven't even had to repair a leg strap or anything. I refer everyone who asks to your coats, and only yours because they're better "
Robin from New York


Exceptionally clean wool is what handspinners want and they will pay a premium price to get it. Keep your wool immaculate with these washable sheep covers that are extremely tough. These tear resistant blankets are breathable and uncommonly durable. They are made in the USA out of highly abrasion resistant nylon woven for the outdoor industry and our Armed Forces. Sheep Suits™ use heavy-duty 1" nylon webbing for leg straps. The ends of the straps are double stitched with an X in a box for maximum strength. The chest panel is sewn in using a bi-fold or French seam that makes it remarkably difficult to tear out. In an effort to keep costs down, fabric colors may vary because I purchase fabric that is called a "cosmetic second" in the roll goods industry. That means that it is not quite the right color or the color varies within the roll or perhaps it is only because it has gotten a bit dirty during the manufacturing process. Sheep Suits™ now come in two different styles. The Regular model like you see above left and the Horned model that is illustrated and described on the Horned page. They also come in two different fabric weights. The 1000 denier weight is great for most sheep breeds. However, if you have fine wools like Merino, Rambouilett or Cormo then Sheep Suits™ Lite may be for you. They are made of slick and silky 400 denier nylon and they will help prevent pilling on the surface of your wool. Try some Sheep Suits™ sheep covers and see for yourself just how tough and versatile they really are!

I am confident that you will not be disappointed.

“ The coats are holding up exceptionally well. Even though the coats seem to be expensive at first, when you figure the wear they get and average out the cost per animal per year vs. the cost of the fleece (top quality, clean and no sun bleaching) they are a fantastic investment for a reasonable cost. Sheep Suits™ are UV resistant.  This is so important for us with dark sheep.   There's nothing more frustrating than to take a coat off and see your black, black fleece with sun bleached ends.  Your coats really go a long, long way to prevent this.  We've had very minimal sun bleaching (and that seems to be because the little darlings got the coat over on one side).”
Moonsshadow Farms in Hibbing, MN


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