Links to Sheep Suit shepherds that use Sheep Suits Sheep Covers made by Rocky Sheep Company of Loveland, CO.

These shepherds use and recommend
Sheep Suits Sheep Covers
Spud and Billie without their Sheep Suits Sheep Covers made by Rocky Sheep Company of Loveland, CO.

Nistock Farms - Robin and Andy Nistock raise NCWGA colored sheep in black, gray and moorit on a 530-acre farm located in the Finger Lakes region of Western New York. Their flock consists of white and colored registered Cotswold sheep, colored crossbreds of mostly Border Leicester and Corriedale lineage (NCWGA registered) and white crossbreeds of the same type. These award winning sheep have been selected for superior fleece, mothering ability and structural correctness.. They produce fine, medium, and long wool. They sell quality breeding sheep well as fleeces, roving, pelts, freezer lamb, and Santa curls.

The Spinners Flock - Margo Kay's Rosebrush Farm is located on the south facing slope of the Clearwater River breaks near Lenore, Idaho at an elevation 2,400 feet. She keeps 50 ewes and four rams to make up her wool worker's flock. Natural colors of black, silver, grays, browns, cream and white are carefully grown to produce spinning and felting wool clean of vegetative debris and sun damage. Rambouillet, Registered Blueface Leicester, Registered Corriedale, percentage Wensleydale, Registered Navajo Churro, and select crosses make up her flock.

Blackberry Hill Farm - Paul, Andrea and Sabrina Tranchita have a modest family farm in Columbia County Upstate New York. They have been growing herbs organically for almost 20 years. They diversified by adding llamas, sheep and angora rabbits to their operation and they now produce luxury fibers for handspinners and knitters.  Their flock of sheep includes Cormos, Cormo crosses, and "a hand spinner's flock" that mixes Merino, Romney, Cormo, Rambouillet, and a few other breeds.  They birth them, feed them, clean up after them, shear them, and use their fleeces in a variety of ways.  Much of their roving and yarn is mill processed (locally in the Hudson Valley where noted), but they offer handspun yarns at times and all their fiber art is handmade by the family with their fiber unless otherwise specified.